I would like to believe that I’m not really a pessimistic person, but an optimistic one with lots of experience.  The facts that inspired today’s comic, lately make me think that I have entered into a downward spiral of epic lesbian bullshitness, and there’s no Tinder way out.

I guess you know it’s bad when your friends start saying: “Wow, you really do have bad luck”. And after every fall, all I repeat to myself is that famous quote from Ruby Rose as Stella Carlin in OITNB: “Trust no bitch”. And naturally, all I can think of is Ruby Rose naked.

The story goes like this, over the last few months I feel I have been victim of irresponsible expectation management by third parties mostly met through Tinder. I must confess that I’m somewhat  naive, in the way that I believe what people say. For example, if you tell me that you like hanging out with me and we should definitively meet again, I understand that you had a nice time with me and you would like to catch up again. If tell me you like me and would like to go out, I understand that you like and you are keen to go out for a date.

I didn’t know exactly how to portray the individuals in which today’s story is based on, but  since my elusive Internet procrastination habit let me to recently find out that jellyfishes have no heart nor brain, all fictional characters will be replaced by fictional jellyfishes.

I apologise in advance to all the jellyfishes in the sea,  you deserve much better.

No jellyfishes were harmed in this comic.

Jellyfish type 1: The disappearing act.


Jellyfish type 2: The long term relationship refugee.


Jellyfish type 3: The forever some else’s ex.


Jellyfish type 4: The ultimate random bullshiter


If you feel confused right now, congratulations: you are not a jellyfish.

A small percentage of people walks alone in the world without understanding why they always felt like shit around jellyfishes: the fallacy, the lack of commitment,  the lightness, the obsequence. Apparently here no one can do anything. Or very few can do something and what they do is very small. But  I don’t care if it is small as long it is true. This is what matters. Something that is human, someone who is not a jellyfish. Thanks for reading.

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