There’s no one new around you.

comic titled: there is no one new around you


After numerous swipes (left mostly) Tinder shows me the dreaded message “There’s no one new around you”. I log back in an hour later and am presented with people who have logged in two days ago, so why did they not appear earlier when it said there was no one new? Why? Is this real? Is this fake? Does anyone even care?

It has the same feeling as when I was seven years old, having just passed the last level of Mario Bros for Sega, but without the glory of the once-in-a-rainy-day opportunity. This is as boring as choosing a chicken at a battery farm.

Ugly? Next.

Bizarre Facebook character as a friend in common? Next.

Psychopath carrying a machine gun? Next.

Woman holding a fish? Next.

Do you think that your Chicago Bulls jersey is fancy? Next.

Delete the app for a few days and then, next. If anyone asks, we will say we met in a bar.

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  1. Maddie

    I know just what you mean! I don’t know if it’s a bug that needs to be fixed or if I am too picky, and all alone, but it sue is annoying! Very funny post, though.

  2. Rebecca

    This does make me think that I’m going to die alone! How cryptic is that? “There’s no one new around you”. Good going, Tinder!

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