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Tinder Vicious Cycle

If the girl looks like trouble,  I’m interested. The fault is mine. I suspect there’s no right person, just different flavours of wrong. Why is this? Because you I am wrong…

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There’s no one new around you.

  After numerous swipes (left mostly) Tinder shows me the dreaded message “There’s no one new around you”. I log back in an hour later and am presented…

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Tinder Experience

Feature image for the webcomic "Cyberstalking" by The Art of Not Dating

Facebook stalking

  What am I doing stalking her Facebook profile again? Oh, how cute she looks in those pictures! Does she have a new haircut? Today she hasn’t been online or replied…

Arranged marriage vs Tinder

Arranged Marriage vs Tinder


whatsapp, double check

WhatsApp Double Check

we are all on tinder

The Art of Tinder

tinder is not love

Tinder is not Love

tinder match

Tinder, the Perfect Match