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Spoiler alert: this post is purely me bragging of my 5 seconds of internet fame, it will not enrich your knowledge of anything in life. You have been warned.

Great news: mentioned my blog, meaning that the most important lesbian news  in the world on June 10, 2015 were Miley and me. Check the article!

I’m in the middle of the page, in between Miley and Jane Lynch, like the ham of the  weirdest lesbian sandwich ever. But this is my moment of glory, not Miley’s.

my blog on afterellen screenshot


This is a brief graphical recap of what happened afterwards:

afterellen mentione recap

But wait, do want to see more awesomeness? BTW, I’m on Twitter in case you would like to read repeated jokes.

my blog on afterellen retweet

Now I even have a “Press” folder on my laptop.

Life is worth living! I love you! And like the famous contemporary thinker and writer Rihanna says: “I choose to be happy”

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