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If the girl looks like trouble,  I’m interested. The fault is mine. I suspect there’s no right person, just different flavours of wrong. Why is this? Because you I am wrong in some way (in many way,  actually), I am wrong if I am still on Tinder. And worse, if I am on Tinder expecting anything. And and what a vicious cycle is about: doing things wrongly over and over again.

DISCLAIMER: At least I’m not on Tidal like 13 or 14 people in the world are. Image how sad would be to be on Tinder and Tidal at the same time, and you don’t know what sadness is if you are not on Happn.

But when you get a match and it’s like, “Wait, someone thinks I’m pretty?” Easy and ego-boosting, a perfect match.  It doesn’t matter if you swipe left or right, swiping is an empowering mechanism. I’m in control, bitches!

New matches feel like a week worth of illegally obtained prescription medicine, especially when she send the first message. And when you’re down to slim pickings, maybe you even lower your standards for who gets the right swipe. Because eventually you missed how it was when you first used Tinder and how it felt to be wanted by someone.

It’s a bit scary when so much of your self-worth is tied up in what strangers think of you. In fact, I do care if you are reading this right now.

When the honeymoon phase of Tinder is over and you realise there really aren’t that many fish in the sea, you can’t help but feel bummed out. I don’t know what feels more lonely: life with Tinder or life without it.  A life solace and angst, the life of an army wife, just imagine I was talking from experience here(BTW, my friend Jess came up with this phrase, all credits for her).

I guess that nothing will beat the scene in which two hopeless souls drinking rum and coke meet in a club. But, oops I did it again, and the Tinder vicious cycle begins one more time. Thank you all Tinder girls, from the first to the  last.

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I have heart palpitations too Jen, we have so much in common!