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Comic: Someone Like You


I remember crying to every single one of Adele’s songs from the album 21. Yes, as pathetic as it sounds my dear reader, because it was what she and I used to listened all the time.

I remember crying in my pilates class with the dance version of Someone Like you, while trying to strengthen my core. Both tasks were equally useless, I had lost her and well, I never had toned abs.

I remember my psychologist saying: “You believe that most people want to be free, happy and find the love of their lives. And you are wrong, most of people will settle for mediocrity and comfort”.

Was she settling for comfort? I didn’t know it at that time, but I did know that I was trapped in a plot similar to any mainstream hollywood movie about dysfunctional lesbian relationships with a predictive train-wreck ending.

I knew as well she would never dared to ask herself the right questions. Some never do it, because it’s horrible what you can find when you honestly ask yourself stuff. It is almost impossible to swallow, it sticks in your trachea, like dirt under your nails.

She could ask the right questions. Who I am. What I really want. Do not forget, this can lead to madness.

Do not forget, love, which is an illusion much easier to  be lived far from the truth. We did so much damage to ourselves.

Probably she will continue just running to one side and then to the opposite, because hypocrisy makes our lives easier.

The important thing is that we asked the right questions. We are very few. And we’re really torn and we draw comics about failed dates in the shape of jellyfish.

So now Adele, let me sing one song for you and her:

“Never mind, I’ll find someone like me
I wish nothing but the best for me”

I doubt of  mankind as a specie. I do not want to be associated with certain people. Hence my intolerance, hence this blog.

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I wished I had been funnier today since I’m supposed to turn my human miseries into likeable comics and not leave you with this feeling, but I do what I can, you know?toryamos cover band

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  1. Maddie

    I relate to this! Sometimes I feel like maybe I am just too unique for dating. Not in a cryptic way, where I feel like I’m doomed to be alone forever, though. I just feel like maybe someone of my craziness isn’t a good match for any sane person. Hmm…

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