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Graduate Diploma in Bullshit

The School of Professional Bullshitters announces that the Graduate Diploma in Bullshit will soon be opening.

Bullshit is changing the way we communicate with each other. But it will only do what you tell it to do. That’s why drama, writing, and storytelling are at the heart of creative Bullshiting. It’s all about thinking laterally and developing effective Bullshit communications for yourself as a person trying to fuck people over. We start with a great idea and then choose how to combine and use various Bullshit tactics to achieve the desired result (again to fuck up everyone but you).


Core Papers
Year 1
  1. History of Bullshit: From Virgin Mary to Queen Victoria. From the old to the new Bullshitters.
  2. Theory and Techniques of Bullshit: we teach the basics in order for you to be able to apply your own sick twist later.
  3. Psychology: Freud and Lacan to understand why Professional Bullshitters should never stop going to therapy.
  4. Expectation management: how to maximise people’s expectations to later crush them.


Year 2
  1. Strategy and Planning: the basics of manipulation step by step.
  2. Bullshit Production: how to many of your social media profiles an endless factory of lies.
  3. Interpersonal communication: From Facebook to Snapchat, how to viciously cause misunderstandings.
  4. Applied Professional Ethics: None. Paper cancelled.


Elective Papers:
  • The art of conspiracy: understanding why everyone hates you.
  • Arrogance 101: Why you’re the best at everything.


Seminars / Workshops:
  1. Escapes and excuses: A tour of the best ways to avoid commitments and never acknowledge  anything.
  2. Magic and illusion: techniques of disappearance and reappearance and disappearance and reappearance.
  3. Rhetoric, Speech and Language: persuasive speaking about anything without taking a defined position. How to hold a conversation without content with a poker face.
  4. Theatre Workshop: If all else fails, put up a show.


Career opportunities:

  1. Tinder Specialist
  2. Strategic Bullshitter
  3. Human Resources Advisor
  4. Lonely Planet Guide writer
  5. Fine Dining menu writer

Enrolment in papers is subject to meeting all requirements and availability of papers.

This course gives you enough credits continue your studies with the possibility of applying to  the Post-Graduate in Jellyfish Dating.

Enrol now for the Graduate Diploma in Bullshit and learn to fuck people over for life!