Yes, Ruby Rose naked.

I know your initial thoughts about this post must be “this is a bit gross and a bit funny”, but I actually published this page to capture Google searches on for the keyword “Ruby Rose naked”, perv searches, you know.

However, if you are still interested in seeing the rest of my blog, I would like to say that this drawing is part of a special series regarding Orange is the New Black Season 3 recap.  If you are not, go ahead with the perv naked pics search.

illustration about ruby rose nakedRuby appeared naked in the toilet’s scene for almost 3 minutes and her excuse for this was “Yes, these fucking towels are bad”, very casual.

In case you thought that she was doing this for the first time and specially for you, well another girl has just lied to you. Ruby has appeared naked in several publications before like Maxim (not exactly for the ladies’ delight, but I suppose she had to pay the rent), before she was a worldwide sensation. She keeps   doing this now that she is conquering  the world and I image that a lot of people like me are grateful for that.

My initial reaction was: (in green)

screen capture: whatsapp conversation about ruby rose naked


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