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Trust no bitch or jellyfish

I would like to believe that I’m not really a pessimistic person, but an optimistic one with lots of experience. ¬†The facts that inspired today’s comic, lately make…

thumbnail of my web comic about lesbian stars

Lesbian Stars (and Satellites)

Just as Coldplay’s song says: “look at the lesbian stars and how they would become a satellite for you, and the things that you do and it was…

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Sizzling together, a lesbian drama

  Sometimes you are not the problem (nor the solution), but a guest¬†character convinced to be playing the main part in this cheap conspiracy called reality. I believe…

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She Lights Up Well

Comic: Someone Like Me

Someone like me

  I remember crying to every single one of Adele’s songs from the album 21. Yes, as pathetic as it sounds my dear reader, because it was what…

Cartoon which deals with the topic of being a lesbian after an awesome experience.

Lesbians and Traumatic Experiences