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School of Professional Bullshitters

Graduate Diploma in Bullshit The School of Professional Bullshitters announces that the Graduate Diploma in Bullshit will soon be opening. Bullshit is changing the way we communicate with…


Tinder Vicious Cycle

If the girl looks like trouble,  I’m interested. The fault is mine. I suspect there’s no right person, just different flavours of wrong. Why is this? Because you I am wrong…


Trust no bitch or jellyfish

I would like to believe that I’m not really a pessimistic person, but an optimistic one with lots of experience.  The facts that inspired today’s comic, lately make…

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Love Wins: Gay Marriage

Finally #LoveWins, David defeats Goliath, light overcomes darkness, Blatter quits the FIFA, Kristen Stewart’s mum outs her, Ruby Rose appears fully naked in Orange is the New Black and Laura Prepon comes…

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Orange is the New Black Season 3 Illustrated Recap, part 2

After the huge success on social media of the first part of  Orange is the New Black Season 3 recap (even retweeted by Netflix, as you can below…

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Orange is the New Black Season 3 Illustrated Recap, part 1

Beloved readers, after my 5 seconds of glory on last week, I’m back to do what I do best: sitting in front of a computer. As you…

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Lesbian Stars (and Satellites)

Just as Coldplay’s song says: “look at the lesbian stars and how they would become a satellite for you, and the things that you do and it was…

Thumbnail of the webcomic about the The Evolution of the Language

The Evolution of Language

Several  people  complained that “The Evolution of the Language” is not about dating. Well, let me tell you one thing: this my blog and I do whatever I want….

feature image of my web comic "sizzling together"

Sizzling together, a lesbian drama

  Sometimes you are not the problem (nor the solution), but a guest character convinced to be playing the main part in this cheap conspiracy called reality. I believe…

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There’s no one new around you.

  After numerous swipes (left mostly) Tinder shows me the dreaded message “There’s no one new around you”. I log back in an hour later and am presented…

featured image of the webcomic "she lights up well" by The Art of Not Dating

She Lights Up Well

Comic: Someone Like Me

Someone like me

  I remember crying to every single one of Adele’s songs from the album 21. Yes, as pathetic as it sounds my dear reader, because it was what…

Cartoon which deals with the topic of being a lesbian after an awesome experience.

Lesbians and Traumatic Experiences


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Tinder Experience

Feature image for the webcomic "Cyberstalking" by The Art of Not Dating

Facebook stalking

  What am I doing stalking her Facebook profile again? Oh, how cute she looks in those pictures! Does she have a new haircut? Today she hasn’t been online or replied…

Arranged marriage vs Tinder

Arranged Marriage vs Tinder


whatsapp, double check

WhatsApp Double Check

we are all on tinder

The Art of Tinder

tinder is not love

Tinder is not Love

tinder match

Tinder, the Perfect Match